colour your monday happy...

...with fabby felt :)

...scraps by monda loves......

...Lulu Corsages by Gigibird...

...Feltbeads by Filzlaus...

...mod needlefelt by lusummers...

...casitas wall hanging by Marian Florcita... today i was browsing the 'all colours in' pool with no idea of what i was going to feature in this post until i saw miss Monda's gorgeous felt scraps!
...there is just something so yummy about the colours of wool felt, kinda muted and earthy but with a real vibrancy. and it is such a sturdy and easy fabric to work with, you can make it take any shape you fancy without having to worry about fraying edges, perfect!
...if i can get over my current cotton addiction, i think i'd like to try felting some of my crochet creations ~ even the mere thought of this has the creative juices flowing and all sorts of ideas buzzing round my head!

...i hope you're having an inspired monday too :)
x ~ i did mean to post this pic to wish you all a 'happy halloween', but there were a few issues with blogger on saturday meaning i couldn't access any blogger blogs :(


  1. So pretty- I love the felted beads and the mod needlefelt! :)

  2. I was looking at your lovely photos and suddenly realized one was mine! duh....
    Nice compilation ;-)

  3. emma each one is more lovely than the really brighten up my day here!

  4. There's something about felt that makes one feel all warm and cosy, it's cold and grey here... Thank you Emma!

  5. Just love them all.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue

  6. thank you lovely ladies! i'm so pleased you're enjoying these monday posts... :)

    and Novi ~ i know exactly what you mean, it's misrable here today too so i think i'll pop back and peek at the lovely pics just to make me feel coy... ;)


  7. hi Emma
    found you via sfgirlbybay... love your crochet work! I was wondering if you created blankets, and if so, how much you'd want to charge for a queen size?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. There is really nothing better than wool felt - well maybe a few things - but nothing worth mentioning here! Thanks for including my scrappy bits - they are all sewn up into pretty birdies now.


    P.S. Can you tell I'm doing a spot of very overdue blog reading :o)


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