crochet crush : Sophie Digard at Selvedge

I'm sure all of you have already heard of, and seen, Sophie Digard's stunning and inspirational crochet work? These pics are tiny details of her intricate crochet scarves that you can find in the Selvedge drygoods online shop (with a 25% discount this week!). I absolutely adore her rich colour palette, which she creates by working with multiple strands of fine yarn to blend her own unique colourways...

for the love of crochet : Sophie Digard at Selvedge
All images via Selvedge.

I know the samples I've picked out have a very autumnal feel to them, but I also think they have a very timeless quality. I'm especially smitten with this last one (bottom right) and can imagine a huge and cosy bed-spread in these tiny wee squares. But I can also imagine how long it would take to crochet - forever! Oh well, I can dream...

Emma - Who ended up having beef curry for lunch yesterday! because she pulled the wrong tub out of the freezer and by the time she realised, the microwave had done it's thing and it was too late!

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  1. My oh my, I am so glad you shared these with us, I am inspired for the week:)

    Beef curry a good meal any day, and the story itself is very cute:)

    Have a meritorious and measurably fine day Emma dear!

  2. Very pretty! I love the photo third from the top, with all the interesting little motifs linked together :) And her colors are lovely.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing these Emma... inspiring stuff. Oh God, you said curry... I miss curry so much, beef or not. Mmmm :)

  4. beautiful and wow what a lot of work....

  5. these are beautiful.. i've seen and held her work in my hands and it's even more stunning if you can believe it in reality

    i can't imagine how long it takes to create... just gorgeous...

    thanks for a lovely post that just makes me want to grab a hook and get going!

    linda :) xx

  6. Thanks for posting this madam, I'd not come across her work before, it's stunning (and makes me want to snuggly into something woolly!)

    Beef curry for lunch?..that'll kill off any of that lurgy that might be hanging around! ;0)

  7. Isn't her work amazing? Have you seen "Bright Star"? Many of the shrugs, scarves, wraps, etc. appear to be made by her. How does she have the patience to make all those teensy shapes with apparently teensy needles (hooks?) and then sew them all together?!

  8. It is pure joy for our eyes!!!
    Merci for sharing it with us.
    Bonne journée

  9. I just love her work. Every time I get a Selvedge email and her work is featured I just sigh wistfully :) K

  10. Wow, I hadn't seen Sophie's work before, and I'm so glad you have examples of her work here. I used to crochet granny squares, but never considered making custom colored yarns. How original!


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