lazy-blogger-itis & a trip to the lakes

Yep, I'm suffering from a touch of lazy-blogger-itis! In fact all I've managed to do in the last week here in cyber space is upload a few pics to flickr of our wee trip to the lake district, which was just before the nasty Mr Lurgy paid a visit, and which now feels like a lifetime ago! Anyway, here's a quick rundown of what we were treated to...

Spanner enjoying a trip to The Lake District | Emma Lamb

There were hills with the wee man posing in front of them, there was much admiring of these beautiful hills but no actual climbing ;)

Herdwick sheep outside Keswick, The Lake District | Emma Lamb

There were lots of sheep, I think these are Herdwick, and little hoggs too as their wool doesn't change colour til after their first shearing - yay for Wikipedia!

Evening sunset in Keswick, The Lake District | Emma Lamb

There was a gorgeous sunset as we walked home one evening...

Spanner enjoying a trip to The Lake District | Emma Lamb

...and there were lakes, this one on a particularly grey and drizzly day...

Black water in the morning light, The Lake District | Emma Lamb

...that created the most amazing light, making the water look like a lake of tar! See it on black for the full effect.

And because I've been such a lazy bum I now have a to do list as long as my arm, including a whole lot of e-mails - yep, that includes you! Also today's missing 'colour your monday happy' post will now be inspiring our Tuesday for this week!

Emma (thinking she's going to need a lot of energy giving chocolate to get her through that to do list!), x

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  1. We all fall into lazyness from time to time in one form or biggie..

    The pictures are beautiful and that dog is too cute!!!

    Congrats on the treasury spot!

  2. i would mail you chocolate if you didn't live across the pond...

  3. The photos are great. Love the wee man on the stump. What a clever boy! The photo of the water on the black background does look very tar like. Over here the sea is either blue or green, but the Brisbane river is brown from the silt. I remember when we went to Loch Ness just how black the water was.

    Hope you get the chocolate and the energy, but take lots of little breaks from your to do list! Take care and be lazy if you want to!


  4. Gorgeous pics. Seems like it was a nice break.

  5. I love those photos and especially those lake ones! How amazing is that water colour?! Just gorgeous. Lovely treasury there too :) Wishing you plenty of chocolate... Kylie

  6. energy giving chocolate? Send some my way, I am seriously lacking energy today too.
    The black lake is both bizarre and stunning at the same time.
    Oh yes, and welcome back from your lazy-blogger-itis :o)


  7. taking a step back can be good...and chocolate as well,emma!
    lovely photos.

  8. Hi, Emma.
    How are you?
    Those photos are so beautiful.
    The green and the shine are especially beautiful.
    I love them:)


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