I have a bit of a confession

See, the thing is...

I really hate the autumn and winter...

No really!

Don't get me wrong there are a couple of nice things. Like the amazing show of colour that mother nature is putting on at the moment with the turning trees. Eating lots of home-cooked stews, casseroles and soups, made with yummy seasonal veg like pumpkins and squash. Obviously there are the cosy nights in with a yarny project or two, a glass of wine and bar of yummy chocolate (I know, I know! I do the wine and choccy thing all year round, but there's something even sweeter about it when it's all dark and chilly out!)

Yeah, I do recall maybe mentioning that I might have possibly been looking forward to this time of year - mostly because I had forgotten, or possibly blocked it from my memory, about how miserable and depressing these dark nights are! Do you know the streetlights came on at 4.15 tonight! By 4.45 it was pitch black! Dark! Night time! It wasn't even a week ago that the clocks changed and I'm already fed up of this! I can already feel myself getting grumpy, maybe even cranky, possibly a bit huffy too - I'm sure, at the mere mention of this, a wee shiver just ran down my man's spine!

Oh, and this is all before the temperature has dropped below double figures, but be sure that 'that rant' will come as soon as it does!

So anyhow I thought I would start a new blog post feature. I'm not thinking of a set day or time for this it, just whenever I need something to smile about, a wee pick me up or something to make me chuckle. Hmmm, 'a wee pick me up', I think that sounds just about right.

So here is today's wee pick me up...

Alexi Murdoch and his gorgeous song 'Breathe'. I heard it on SGU (Stargate Universe) a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I love his singing voice, and I can't believe I haven't heard of him already, especially as he is british!

Oh, and if you have any I would love to hear your 'wee pick me up' tips and treats too,

Emma, x

ps : To make things easier, and a bit less time consuming for myself, I've decided to start replying to your comments directly in the comments section which is now embedded below. I hope you don't mind too much?

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  1. I'm so glad to know that there is someone else who is not enamored of autumn and winter :~) Here in Portland, Oregon they both have their own kind of beauty, but I'm a spring and summer girl, myself :~)

  2. I think autumn and winter must be pretty tough in your neck of the woods Emma - don't feel bad about not being a fan!! In Sydney it's so mild - it doesn't snow and the skies are usually pretty blue so it's actually quite lovely - even so I object to the short days and need for heaters etc!!! Say hello to that handsome fella for me. Sam XX

  3. Oh Autumn colours and winter are fab...
    But I do much prefer spring...
    Which it is here at the moment...
    It is light outside at 7.30 still nearly 8 at night...really great...but it means I get up later and later each morning...So not a morning person...

  4. oh, you lovely ladies! i'm so pleased you understand and even agree with me!

    and Sam... Sydney sounds perfect! although i must say when it snows here it can be a foot thick outside the city, but in the centre it never lasts very long and generally falls as rain instead... in fact i can only remember a handful of times when we have had snow in town, something i'm quite pleased about... ;)


  5. I can't blame you at all! I must say I don't miss English winters at all for the very same reasons. And January and February always slayed me. Although Greece has been pretty crap this year. Way too much rain and cold! But one great pick me up is to run a lovely hot bubble bath, light some scented candles, grab a glass of champagne and soak. Oh and make some pom poms too. I just made three and am squealing with delight :)

  6. I do Heart Alexi too, he recently supported the beautiful and ridiculously talented Alanis Morissette on tour. I love them both, Thanks for posting it. yum yum. I can appreciate sometimes the winter, but living in a caravan with two small children last winter was not fun.

  7. oh Leanda, you are a girl after my own heart! i do love long hot bubble baths with lots of candles... :)

    and Autumn Moon, spending the winter in a caravan sounds awful, you poor thing!


  8. I'll be looking forward to see the 'wee pick me up's' - sounds like the right stuff for these dark days!
    Oh, and about the comments, I hardly ever go back to a post to read a comment on my comment... I'm really bad that way & I'm afraid I never comment on the comments on my blog either even though I appreciate them a lot! Am I bad? ;)
    (suppose I have to come back now to see your answer! LOL)

  9. oooh Mitsy! bad girl indeed!
    although i could say anything here because you'll probably never read it... ;)


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