an extra hour

An Extra Hour, Etsy treasury curated by Emma Lamb sleep in on sunday morning :)

I'm so looking forward to my extra hour in bed tomorrow morning, I just hope the wee man remembers about it too! If not, I at least hope he has the decency to make us breakfast in bed! Ha! I know I'm living in fantasy land - but it is nice here! Oh, and I totally forgot about my desk thursday post this week as my mam and dad arrived for a wee visit. I did snap some pics of what I've been up to so if I can get my butt into gear I'll post them up here. I'm really excited about this crochet project as I've not done anything like it before, but I'm also a wee bit anxious about it so I'm not going to tell you exactly what it is just yet! However, as soon as everything is in place I'm sure I won't be able to stop myself blurting it out! Oooh, such suspense ;)

Have a fabulous weekend and make the most of your extra hour!
Emma, x

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  1. I`m workin nightshift, so I got an extra hour to work on ;O) Not that happy about that.. Hihi.. Lovely photos you are showing! have a lovely saturday!!:)

  2. I love a bit of artful suspense ;) Lovely collection you've put together there. I am totally in love with the grey crochet. Thanks for this. K

  3. Lucky I read your post... I totally forgot about the clocks going back. Yay!!! Most intrigued about this project of yours. I am in suspenders!

  4. Hi Emma - can´t wait to hear more about your project!! And I totally agree with you about Sophie Digard - her work is amazing and the colour scheme unique with a timeless quality! Didn´t know she mixed different strands of yarn to create her colours, what a great idea!

    Take care, Kirsten

  5. I had a little look at your project and it looks exciting and wonderful! Love this treasury you've made here - lovely soft colours. Good luck with Mr.S realising youve got an extra hour in bed! :)

  6. loved my extra hour - we should have one every week :o)
    Did you get that breakfast in bed then?


  7. Hi Emma! I am Anita from São Paulo, Brazil. Visiting your blog and your Etsy Store I fell in love with your work. I am a crochet lover too. I dedicated my last post to you and your crochet 'granny' cushion cover. Hope you enjoy it.
    Best wishes!


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