colour your tuesday happy...

...with thoughts of halloween, oOo ooooOOOoooo!

...Tweet Yarn Wreath by KnockKnocking...

...Pumpkins and Squash at Monkton by i am le petit oiseau...

...Halloween Oooooooooooooo by miel bakes/madhu...

...sorry, more cakes by xanthe berkeley...

...i so wish i had a plateful of Xanthe's cup cakes right now! but i finally did have my pumpkin soup for lunch today, very yummy :)

...halloween town by thelittlereddoor...

...and how cool are these spooky wee houses!? they would look perfectly at home in a Tim Burton movie...

...rain in early by E L K...

...Autumn #3 or The Flame by lydiafairy...

...thank you to every one who added their lovely halloween themed pics to 'all colours in' this week, i'm sure there will be many more to come leading up to spooky saturday!
...have fun!

(running late this week... nothing new there then!)


  1. happy tuesday Emma! I hope you'll enjoy all the colours the season brings!

  2. made my day...many thanks...elk

  3. Oh, so beautiful. Colour my world with happiness they do.

  4. Man I love looking at the beautiful colors outside, but I can't help but think about how soon they'll be gone... I gotta quit that. :)

  5. The colors in the squash are sensational! Must go buy some.

  6. I adore those little houses! There are so many creative people out there, I'm glad blogging is connecting everyone!

  7. Wow! Fiesta! Thought I was in Latin America for a bit then ;) Gorgeous pics, as always Emma. Thank you. Kx

  8. hey Emma! thanks so much for my inclusion here. lots of lovely things to look at, as ever. thanks again!


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