colour your tuesday happy...

...with snippets of colour (on a backdrop of neutrals!)...

...untitled by sandra juto...

...The Village by thelittlereddoor...

...speechbubbles by herzensart... cushion pileup by anastasiart...

...patches Sevilla rock by skinnylaminx...

...i like pesky squirrels... by dottieangel...

...i really can't get enough of this combination just now! beautiful backdrops of soft greys, whites, beige and taupe with splashes of bold and beautiful vintage colours like teal, olive, red, rust and turquoise. i love how each of these images is colourful yet understated, simple but so full of detail, honest and unpretentious ~ something that i'm always striving for in my work, especially honesty. what about you? what's the driving force behind your work? what ideals do you try to embrace?

...i hope you're feeling inspired today, but if you need more inspiration or motivation hop on over to 'all colours in...' with a fresh brew and maybe a choccy bar too :)

...oh, and thank you all for being so understanding about my lazy-blogger-itis, with two posts in two days i feel like i may be getting over it! now there's just the rest of that to do list to tackle...

(who's chocolate supply is dwindling fast!)


  1. What a beautiful colour-me day! Great selection Emma. This makes me feel very happy :) K

  2. Lovin the inspiration today :) it's beautiful!!! If I can drag myself away from the blogs I might get something "inspired" accomplished.

  3. Great color inspiration! I'm off to my day job but I'll be designing wonderful knit or crocheted scarves in my head using these colors.

  4. you always find the most attractive colour combinations. love this!

  5. I like the The Village by thelittlereddoor design! How can I make one of those? Is it a secret?

  6. emma ...this is a sweet collection of made my heart sing today~elk

  7. You certainly do have an eye for wonderful finds and everything pretty. I adore your blog....

  8. Thanks so much for posting these wonderful colors, I'm feeling so inspired Emma! Love the adorable village by the littlereddoor.

    I strive for originality in my work, it's about truthfulness and from the bottom of my heart.

  9. thanks oodles for featuring my little houses :)


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