colour your monday happy...

...with warm autumn shades!

...autumn: in a basket by *nichole*...

...untitled by namolio...

...Clear September sun on the first Autumn leaves by alysonfennell...

...Fall Yarn & Nest Wreath by Katie Runnels...

...Beautiful autumn! by gunnel´s...'s such a cold, grey and soggy day in edinburgh today. one of those days when you wish you could just hibernate in the cosy comfort of your own home, instead of having to trudge around the park (almost) dragging the wee man, who would also much prefer to be tucked up in his own wee bed without the soggy paws!
...on the up side though ~ most of the trees in the park have finally realised that it is in fact autumn, and have changed their leaves from the rich greens of the summer to those lovely warming gold and rusty red shades, the perfect inspiration for today's post...
...and to top it all off nicely i think a bowl of homemade spicy pumpkin soup for lunch will be perfect :)
...oh, and i thought that as it is halloween next week i would theme the next 'colour your monday happy' post around this, so if you have any pics you want to add to the 'all colours in' pool before then i would love to see them!



  1. Its a cold and grey day in Norfolk too, it was just 4 degrees when I left for work this morning! A bit of a shock to the system....

    B x

  2. Lovely photos, as usual! I love all these fall colors. I saw wonderful bright red trees this weekend. The red leaves are the best- when I was little I used to save the red leaves in between wax paper and put them in my books. I've always been enamored with fall!

  3. Autumnal colours are pretty special - these are a lovely collection Emma. In Sydney we're all bright spring greens and purple jacaranda blossoms.


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