etsy favourites : hints of autumn

The weather is certainly on the turn here in Scotland this week, it has rained non stop and the temperature is definitely starting to dip, So much so that I had to bring out a few pairs of woolly socks and one or two jumpers to keep the chill at bay. Not that I mind, the wee man and I have been very cosy in the studio. Him at my feet dreaming the day away and me furiously embroidering to meet my first deadline in a long while.

hints of autumn, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. lusummers, 2. BeautifulRust, 3. dutchvalentine, 4. tinctory, 5. hownowdesign, 6. namolio, 7. litlnemo, 8. *Cinnamon, 9. Black Dog Designs

This year it seems I'm quite looking forward to the autumn and winter months, which is a new experience for me as I hate the cold weather. Maybe it's because I know I'm going to have lots of quality time with my crochet hooks and knitting needles, and I can get busy with some new ideas I have whirling around my head! Or maybe it's the thought of all those yummy casseroles and homemade soups!? I do love hearty winter food. Or maybe it's because my mam posted this picture on Flickr of her Christmas cake preparations, yum!

Emma (having a lazy sunday morning), x

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  1. Gorgeous Autumn yumminess there :) Thank you so much for introducing me to Tinctory... I think I'm in love ;) I love autumn + winter, though I'm not sure what a Scottish winter is like! Lovely post :) K


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