colour your wednesday happy...

...with beautiful fresh flowers...

...held by {a black pepper}...

... ... by Au fil de... ...

...lunch is better with flowers by lisa s dressform...

...untitled by abbytrysagain...

...untitled by anja mulder...

...there is nothing that can lift your mood like a cheery bunch of fresh flowers and these five gorgeous pics are just the tip of the floral iceberg in the all colours in pool. because there are so many flowers in one form or another, i am sure they are going to feature highly in these weekly selections...
...i think a trip to the florist is a must today!



  1. Beautiful selection. What is it about flowers? they really are so cheery, something to lift the spirits ;0

  2. Hi Emma, just wanted to say that I like your blog a lot and that I am here almost everyday :-) Love all the colours and all your work! And your name, my daugthers name is Emma too ;-) Have a super day!

  3. Yay for flowers... I just love them and wish I could afford to have them every week. I used to be a florist... sometimes I miss it :)

  4. oh, sweet bunch of flowers are a treat! Thanks Emma!!!

  5. Oh joy!! That's a really lovely post to come too!! Sooo lovely those colours!! Well picked!! Puts me in mind of going to the florist too!!

  6. So mood lifting! Thanks for this + so lovely to finally find your beautiful blog :) K

  7. Hi, Emma!
    So beautiful flowers!!
    I love them, and want to have all of them :)


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