colour your monday happy : crochet crush

...with yummy colourful crochet!

...Work in progress by ArtMind etcetera...

...p i n c u s h i o n by *Leanda...

...untitled by namolio...

...6 stools by wood & wool stool...

...untitled by sandra juto...

...i really can't think of a better way to kick off the creative week than with these gorgeous crochet projects from some extremely talented crocheters! as soon as you have a few spare minutes (or maybe even hours!) brew yourself a lovely cuppa and treat yourself to a wander through these fabulous photostreams, and the 'all colours in' group where you can find these and lots of other yummy crochet pics :)



  1. Ooo... an honour! Thank you for the inclusion my dear... really I'm stunned!! And I just love those stools too :)

  2. WOW such gorgeousness!
    Rachel x

  3. Great pictures of talented crocheters indeed! I'm off to brew my cuppa tea...

  4. Wow! I especially love the stools. The colour combinations are wonderful.

  5. Oh, my- every one of those photos is breathtaking. I think I'm going to try and make a granny square blanket- I knew how to make granny squares as a child, but have forgotten how. I'm sure if I could do it then, I could do it now! I just need to remember...

  6. These are all so great!!! Love the color combos and the crisp feel of them...

    And believe me I spend soooo many hours staring at others work. I am surprised I manage to get any crochet done myself :P

  7. hello! i came over via spearamint baby! and i have to say `i am so glad she posted about you! i love what you have going on here! crochet inspiration is what I need... ALOT. lol. thanks for sharing & i love love love the idea of hanging pot holders on the wall!! SO AWESOME! :D

  8. it wasn't spearamint baby.. im a doof. it was one loop short! *hits herself in the head!*
    my bad!

  9. Hi Emma
    What a lovely scrummy Monday post. You know these days when I think of crochet I think of you. A couple of weeks back I was at a car boot where I found masses of crocheted doilies and table cloths (a few of which I purchased) and I thought to myself, 'mmm granny chic, Emma would love this!'


  10. emma...
    all so lovely ...makes monday OK!

  11. emma -
    i've fallen in love with granny squares and would like to teach myself to make them. where on earth do i start? could you recommend a good book? or should i find a class? or maybe i should try both? thanks in advance for your advice,

  12. OH my gosh, my eyes are working overtime taking in all these delicate, delightful creations.
    I simply adore the pincushion!!!!
    And the table tops.
    Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely.
    thank you for sharing!
    ~Bairbre Aine

  13. Great photos and lovely works !!!

  14. These are very amazing!! There's something very lovely about crocheting that I wasn't really aware of before I met you and your gorgeous blog Emma!

  15. Lovely choices Emma!
    I must learn to crochet, it's on my long term "to do" list. These little squares at the bottom would be my first project, lovely scale and colours - is it very difficult to get the hang of?

  16. Those colors in the top phot make me so happy!


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