it's okay to be a 'granny chic' addict...

...wise words from the lovey miss Tif, aka dottie angel, who officially announced my new 'granny chic' flickr group to the world in a guest post over at sfgirlbybay... is true, it is perfectly okay to an addict of all things 'granny chic'! it is perfectly normal to want to hang a collection of beautiful pot holders on the wall, or to cover your sofa with a fabulous rainbow coloured crochet afghan! why wouldn't you want to wear a delicately crocheted brooch with your favourite cardigan, while pouring tea from a vintage tea-pot, with maybe a plate of ginger-snaps arranged perfectly on a delicate china plate with a sweet paper doily! why wouldn't you want to do any of these things!?

...well to our delight, miss Tif and i are not the only ones with such 'granny chic' tendencies! here are just a handful of our fellow addicts proudly showing off their 'granny chic' ways...

...Dining area ~ LarkingAbout...

...Blossom Brooch ~ Edera Jewelry...

...the family room... ~ dottieangel...

...Tea set ~ kitschcafe...

... . ~ unravelling [susannah]... on ~ ethanollie... if you are looking at these wonderful pics and thinking ~ 'that's me! that's how i see the world ~ through wee doily tinted lenses! why doesn't he get it!?' ~ then brew yourself a lovely cuppa in that vintage tea-pot and come over to flickr and join us in the love of all things 'granny chic' :)

(loving ginger-snaps at the moment!)
x ~ i feel there may be a promotion in the air ;)


  1. I really am going to have to learn to crochet. Loving these pics!

  2. dearest e,

    thank you for giving me a place to feel okay to be a 'granny chic' loving crafter :)
    i would write more but little olive has 'inhaled' her food in the space of a minute and thus the back door is calling me...

    Tif x

  3. Ginger snaps dunked in tea, mmmmm. I've go a thing for cardigans.. is that granny chic? hope so otherwise thats makes me just a bit wearied. loving all the crochet.

  4. Mmmm, I've got a soft spot for ginger snaps--and granny chic--myself! Thanks so much for including little Blossom in this inspiring bunch of photos, Emma :)


  5. Emma... loving the granny chic feature...
    can't get enough and even better to have a flickr place to share the love...

  6. I love, love, love it! I love your photography. You really do beautiful work. Inspiring!

  7. Dear Emma,

    Thanks for understanding when so many don't, especially my husband. I am going straight to flickr now.

    Love Christina
    (I love a warm scone with jam and cream... yum...)


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