festival highlights...

...possibly the best festival i have ever had the pleasure of attending ~ 'a festival of granny love' ~ partly because there wasn't a drop of mud in sight, but mostly because i got to meet so many liked minded 'granny chic' loving folk...

...and the whole festival was hosted by the queen of granny chic herself, the ever so lovely miss Tif, aka dottie angel, in the grounds of the stunning mossy shed...

...highlights include special guests such as Ingrid of Wood and Wool Stool, Michelle of The Royal Sisters and miss Tif's lecture on how to turn a 'no' man into a 'yes' man with just your trusty paintbrush, a tin of paint and a thrifted wardrobe...

...but the biggest highlight for me was that i actually got the honour of being the headline act that closed the whole festival ~ with my very first interview :)

...all images ~ copyright dottie angel...

...so thank you for the opportunity miss Tif, my very special granny chic loving cyber buddy ~ until next year!

(off to do a wee bit of embroidery)

ps ~ thank you so much to every one for your lovely comments about wee 'aggie' who has been made to feel very welcome :)


  1. Sounds wonderful! Nothing so rewarding and inspiring as being surrounded by things you love and people who share the same joy you do!

  2. Aw... so wish I could have been there, sounds so lovely! Congrats on the 'headline act'. This week Dottie Angel, next week the world!! Mwahahaha...

  3. And now I actually read the interview... I love you even more :) I look forward to tea and cakes in your big georgian house one day!!

  4. This is so interesting...the interview, the beautiful photos, colors, and workmanship...I loved it! Very nice work!!

  5. sounds wonderful and the shots are great Emma

  6. The headline act!! I think the festival organisers have very good taste!! I'm going to go and read that interview - and I love the photo of that pretty zigzaggy blanket (?) such wonderful colours!! Have a lovely week Emma!!

  7. I do love Tif's blog :) I could just look at these wonderful photos all day...


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