colour your monday happy...

...with beautiful bunting!

...untitled by _cassia_ : yeah! bunting-keh! by roverhillman : Handmade Bunting by Bunbunboutique : Bunting Cushion by bebe nonsuch : bunting in the woods by xanthe berkeley... you can probably guess i thought it would be a great idea to theme this new weekly feature, showcasing a few of my favourites from the all colours in group on flickr...
...and what better way to kick start our monday morning and celebrate what is left of the summer, than with an energising and inspirational burst of colourful bunting!?

...hope you all have a great monday...



  1. Lovely bunting, especially like the cushion ;0 x

  2. What a nice start to the week. Lovely, bright photos. Thanks for sharing x

  3. oh

  4. Just a few evenings ago, I was sitting overlooking the little Greek town of Parga from it's castle - looking down at a little island in the bay. There was little white church on the island with bunting hanging from it. The whole view was so pretty, like a stage set. And I said to George, 'I love bunting'. And he said, 'What's bunting?' and so I explained it to him, and he just said it was old fashioned. He knows nothing!!

  5. I am so glad you have a knack for picking out bright and spirit warming colors... I could sift through flickr all day and still I wouldn't be able to group them as well as you my dear:) Definitely!

  6. I love bunting as you can see! I say that you can never have enough bunting!!!!

  7. love bunting...
    With colours like these how could you not...
    fantastic pics...

  8. hello! i just discovered your blog and am loving it! beautiful images and such lovely works especially crochet!!!!

  9. Bunting! These are so jolly and pretty! They remind me of when I was litte for some unknown reason! P.S. Mad Men is this incredibly addictive US drama/ soap that I'm in the middle of watching. P.S.S. Fear not! Handsome young Spanner has nothing to fear from me other than a very affectionate pat on his head!

  10. oh i'm a bunting addict :)
    i have no less than 9 swags of the lovely stuff, swaved around our acre of moss...
    i look out my windows and doesn't matter if it's rain or shine, the bunting always makes me smile...

    love your themed idea for showcasing the loveliness we see each day in 'all colours in' :)


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