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Well, it has been a very soggy few days here in Edinburgh, not the nicest dog walking weather but perfect for staying in a little more and doing lots of embroidery and crochet. So here are a few things I've finished off this week...

Betty crochet cushion cover | Emma Lamb

Miss 'Betty' who will be finding her way into my wee shop in the next couple of days. a gorgeous mix of retro cream, mustard, blue, oatmeal, red and olive. I can't get enough of this colour combo at the moment!

Granny chic greeting cards | Emma Lamb
Granny chic greeting cards | Emma Lamb

And her wee friends, from my new collection of 'granny chic' gift cards, also soon to be arriving in my wee shop. I have so many ideas for these cards floating around my head at the moment, so hopefully it won't be too long before this next project is finished and I can get cracking with them!

Growing crochet | Emma Lamb

It's grown quite a bit since the last pictures, and actually quite a bit since I took this picture too! I'm really hoping to have it finished early next week, with a bit of luck my workings will be right this time and I won't need to pull out almost two days of work again! Anyway, I so can't wait to show you a finished picture so I will be spending the next few evenings hooking like there's no tomorrow!

Oh, and thank you all for your lovely comments about the 'all colours in...' Flickr group! I'm so pleased you find it just as inspirational as I do... :)

Well, as it is nearly my bedtime I shall see you all tomorrow,
Emma, x

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  1. Emma love the cards...fantastic are so very creative...
    can't wait to see the "big" project finished...

  2. Those cards. OMG. I can't wait till they're in the shop.

    When I get some down time I'll have to email you about a crochet project I'm working on that I think you'll really like. It's more an idea than a project at the moment but hopefully one day it will take the next step...

  3. What lovely cards, such a great idea. Its been awful here too in the North West, don't you think it is time Summer started.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue

  4. I really love those cards, they're so pretty. I'm loving the cushion cover too, the colours are brilliant together.

  5. cards + crochet = lovely art....that is my kind of math!

  6. miss betty is looking mighty fine :)
    and those cards are fab... i wish i could stop using the word 'fab', it really is not enough to describe how i feel when i see your 'granny chic' goodness just growing in leaps and bounds.
    so i shall pull from my old resources of 'descriptive' words and go with 'peachy perfect'...
    that's right my dear e, everything is looking peachy perfect :)


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