weekend inspiration : soothing blue

Soothing blue, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. jljjld (busy), 2. sapaho, 3. fieldandsea, 4. Edera Jewelry, 5. jljjld (busy), 6. Briana E., 7. fieldandsea, 8. _cassia_, 9. sapaho

Not very much crochet creativity going on here this week, instead of a hook in my hand it's a paintbrush. I'm finally getting round to sorting out the kitchen floor, cleaning up the old boards and painting them a gorgeous dark chocolate brown. Honestly, you could almost eat it! Not that there's much of a link between that and this Flickr mosaic, other than that I find painting and these lovely blues very soothing. Tenuous, I know... ;)

Oh, and don't forget I won't be announcing the winner of my potholder giveaway until Monday, so you still have plenty of time to think of the perfect name for her and let me know why. Once I have put the finishing touches to her I will post another picture.

Until then my dears :)
Emma, x

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  1. A very nice collage again! You are super!!

  2. Never fear, tenuous links are the best anyway. Lovely soothing colours and wonderful choices. It's so nice to be able to fix and change your own house, isn't it?

    I was saying to hubby yesterday that I was thinking about how lucky I am, to have him and the baby and our house. I think I forget some times! It may not be my dream house, but it is ours and we can paint it if we wish.

  3. This is utterly stunning Emma! The brooch with the diamonds and stones is especially pretty! Have a lovely weekend and appologise profusely for me to young Spanner about the cat thing - tell him I was pressured by the cat club to make that one of my happies. :)

  4. Lovely mood board I love the second picture!


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