giveaway : name that pot holder

Well that was an interesting week, quite the pot holder frenzy wasn't it!? Well, maybe not for you, but it certainly was for me! And to everyone who left a lovely message of support and love for my wall of pot holders ~ thank you and have a big hug from me! Your response was quite overwhelming and unexpected... :)

So now lets get down to business, it's the all new 'name that pot holder' give away...

giveaway : name that pot holder | Emma Lamb

Today I have spent my afternoon pottering away on this daisy motif pot holder. I'm using a cotton yarn in the most beautiful faded blackberry colour, which will be trimmed with an equally lovely rusty red. If you're interested in adding this little lady to your own collection, or if you'd like to start your own wall of pot holders, all you need to do name her. Just leave a wee comment on this post with the name you would give her and why, simple! Then in one week I will decide which is my favourite and announce the winner, and if I can't decide (you may all be pot holder naming genii* for all I know!) I'll do some kind of random pick from my favourites... :)

So best get your thinking caps on my friends... ;)
Emma, x

* according to Wiki genii is the correct plural of genius when referring to individuals, although I think I prefer geniuses... it sounds more cuddly!

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  1. I am totally adoring your pot holders! they look stunning on the wall!
    I think Thumbelina is a cute name for this beauty

    xx love Courtney

  2. I love your crochet... you know that ^_^

    A N A - It's a very simple name and is spread all over the world!
    It's also my first name and of my eldest daughter ^_^

    Hugs & Stars
    Ana (anita - flickr)

  3. The colour Emma is making my head swoon! I love it! ummm...what about: Berry Lovely? P.S. Gratuitous Bum Shots!!! Hee hee Emma! I noticed thta too!!!

  4. I'm going 'Gladys', after my 98 year old Grandmother! She had lovely crochet on the antique furniture in her big old house (before she moved into a nursing home)and I remember as a child exploring the rooms while the adults has tea and talked. She had a tiny little sewing room with wooden bobbins, old lace, carded bias binding, all in little drawers. I spent hours in that room.

  5. Hi Emma !

    Your pot holders are all so pretty & seeing them all grouped together makes me smile : ) Very unique, inspired & creative idea! How do you manage ??

    So, concerning giving names...I' m not so gut at I misstook this beautiful raspberry colour for aubergine purple!But here is try:

    " Grace "

    Lovely regards

  6. I am coveting this beautiful pot holder, it would be just perfect in my kitchen.

    In my mind she is most definitely 'Orita'. Different and yet beautiful. The name of my maternal grandmother whom I sadly never got to meet. But her sister, Eve, had a dear friend called Doddy and she taught me to crochet once when I was about 9 years old. I wish I'd badgered her for more lessons then I might be able to make these beautiful creations myself.

    ps. I'm with you on 'geniuses' - genii is way too severe.


  7. What a fantastic color, if it is possible to be in love with a pot holder then i am :)

    i think the perfect name for it must be Emma! you make the most beautiful crochet work so it is time you name something after yourself :)

    summerhugs from Norway

  8. Emma this colour is just amazing...
    As far a names go I would have to say...Rhubarb...
    because the colour reminds me of a stalk of rhubarb...
    the base of the stalk is a rusty red and goes up to a more raspberry red...
    my nanna use to grow heaps of rhubarb when I was little and she would wonder around the neighborhood selling bunches to one and all...
    With her hair tied back in a scarf...and string bag in hand...
    and wearing what we call now a vintage smock dress...and retro peaked if only I could have that look now...
    oh and not forgetting holding very large bunches of rhubarb...
    she made quiet a little living out of selling her vegetables...

  9. Such a lovely colour, I made a smoothie in a similar shade this morning! I think something like "Martha" would suit it well xx

    ps - thanks you for your advice with my uni project, you put it very well about the colour drawing together different styles and themes :)

  10. I would call it

    Gerberry Delicious

    paying homage to both the motif, the color, and the yumminess of the design!

  11. I think Clara is a lovely name for them!! I am loving all the pot holders

  12. These colour combinations are my favourite colours. Great work.

  13. P.S. Emma - I've tagged you (if you feel like it!).

  14. This is such a lovely colour, loving the pot holders.

    Hmmmm..... how about Coco?

  15. I love this combination of colors! I think I would call it Amelia...

  16. There's some good suggestions that I like a lot.

    I'm going to add "Lady Jane" to the mix. The colours remind me of my close friend Jane.

  17. She's a proppa lady Emma, and for me her name has to be 'Queenie' (which was my East-End granny's name - it was Cockney for Elizabeth). She was refined, yet understated (just like your gorgeous pot-holder here) and she loved to crochet


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