a hint of summer romance

A hint of summer romance, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Daniel_Moraes, 2. charmfoundry, 3. dottieangel, 4. such pretty things, 5. CharmingLiisa, 6. hilmar_S, 7. lillie tres, 8. meplusmolly, 9. unravelling [susannah]

Hazy and dreamy. Feminine and sweet. Delicate scented roses in blush pinks and soft creams - a touch of inspiration for a new idea I'm tinkering with...

Tinkering with flowers | Emma Lamb
Tinkering with flowers | Emma Lamb

Thank you all for your very lovely comments on my wee flower tags, both here and on flickr :) Sometimes the most obvious idea is staring you right in the face but it's not till one of your lovely bloggy pals points it out that you finally see the light!

Anyway, just a quickie today! But I will be back soon with a wee reveal and hopefully by then this soggy foggy weather will have cleared and we will once again be basking in the sun :)

Emma, x

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  1. hi emma -

    you have a beautiful blogg...
    lovely pictures and lot`s of inspiration - love it!

    hugs from moa in norway

  2. Very feminine and dreamy. What a lovely combo. I'm not usually attracted to these sorts of colours and themes, but this has really grabbed me!

    Your pink flower brooch is super cute too. Love the little flower detail on the back, those thoughful little additions really make something special. :)

  3. Beautiful summer inspiration Emma..and I love your flower brooch...so pretty!

  4. very pretty :)

    looking forward to the big reveal! xx

  5. So pretty Emma! I love your flower brooches - I must go and check out your flickr stream! Sounds like you've got the same weather as we do! P.S. I think a fan page for young Spanner would be a massive hit - no really! I know I'd be tuning in everyday for an update.

  6. You seem like a very creative person. I like your blog! I'm a new beginner from Norway - i am exploring this world of blogs, and now I have visited your place. I'll be popping in later also. ;-)

  7. So, so pretty, Emma! Both the mosaic and the pin :) Got your note on Etsy and will write soon!!!


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