good intentions & delicious yarn

Okay, so this week all my good intentions have gone completely to pot! The week got off to a really great start on Monday with not just a blog post but a bit of granny cushion finishing too. But then I got distracted on Tuesday with a trip up to St Andrews to meet some wonderful friends who I haven't seen in a wee while. Although I did manage to salvage the day by finding a great little yarn shop tucked away down an alley - it wasn't a dark alley as it was bright sunny, Scottish, summers day... try saying that in a hurry!

Anyhow, my stash is now boasting a lovely lambswool and cashmere blend from this Scottish company, who have only recently began producing yarns rather than just fabrics. These two colours were my favourites, Juno and Lissa. There was also a gorgeous silvery grey but that will have to wait till my next trip... *sigh*

J C Rennie Supersoft Cashmere in 'Juno' | Emma Lamb
Spiral staircase at Linlithgow Palace, Scotland | Emma Lamb

Then on Wednesday I was a good girl again and put together some tags for the previously mentioned granny cushions, I also snapped some sneaky peek pics of a few of the things I've been working on lately ~ actually I got tons of pics but most of them were rubbish due to the dreary, rainy day light :( And yesterday (that is Thursday) I had intended to tweak those dreary pics and write a wee blog post, but I got sucked in by Ravelry and Flickr and the need to show off my new yarns to the world! Anyway, there I was drooling over all the knitting, crochet and yummy yarn groups on Flickr when it suddenly dawned on me that there weren't any dedicated to solid coloured yarns, my favourites... *collective gasp* ...well, what was a girl to do but start a new group!? Introducing...

And today? Well today I blogged about it all, not that it was very much at all really ;)

Emma, x

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  1. very nice colors, and hope you are well!

  2. love to knit solid...and tweed ;)

  3. hello emma :)

    i've just bought some gorgeous stormy kind of grey kidsilk haze... let me just go take some pics and i'll be off to your new group ;)

    i think everyones on a bit of a go slow at the mo, i certainly am... don't worry about it and just go with the flow i say :)

    take care, linda xx :)

  4. Hi ! , I 'm new and I like you said - you had tons of pics that are rubbish due to the weather ... I had plenty too and save them in a special mobile disk. They could be some of the filtered backgrounds for my artworks !
    Come over for some Photoshop ideas, Thanks.


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